Welcome to Brass House Austin

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Welcome to Brass House Austin

Austin is a pretty big city, with a large club scene. Finding clubs that are after your own heart can be difficult. It’s basically like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Helping people choose the best club for them is what Brass House is all about. The team behind Brass House is a young group of friends who are at college. We’ve spent a fair amount of time “exploring” the Austin club scene, 🙂 , which makes us pretty confident that we know all the best places to party. Soon we’ll be getting one of them cheap indoor drones so that we can record video footage inside the clubs. Video is definitely the best way to convey the energy and fun that dance clubs are filled with over the weekend.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a crazed dance party type of club or more quieter jazz club type of deal, we’ve got them all. We might seem like a bunch of frat boys to unsuspecting viewers, but deep down we’re huge nerds, who are obsessed with tech. We try to combine our passions with partying, each of us in their own way. One of us is dreaming of becoming a DJ, our friend Pete, so his room is surrounded with audio gear left and right. Me, and I’m Devon by the way, I’m a huge fan of photography, and I’ll be the one in charge of taking pictures. I’m actually the one who suggested we should get a camera drone with good battery life and shoot some indoor video footage of the clubs and events that we visit. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime checkout the photo gallery to the right. That’s just a small sample the kind of parties we usually get crazy in.

Quick Q&A for our fans

Are dance clubs the only thing you’re going to be focusing on?

Well no, because there’s a lot of us here at the Brass Austin House. For example our friend Jeff is a huge jazz fan. He comes with us on our dance parties, but he unwinds the most at jazz clubs. So far we have been praising dance clubs, but we won’t be featuring them exclusively here on the website. From time to time we’re going to do a piece on a jazz club that Jeff, our resident jazz fan, has discovered in this fine city of ours.

Don’t expect jazz club write-ups to have any kind of embellishments like our dance club reviews will undoubtedly have. I don’t think that a jazz club is the right setting to have a miniature drone buzzing around and recording the atmosphere in the club. Also, Jeff isn’t really that tech savvy, so I’m not sure he’d want to or even be able to fly the thing without crashing into someone.

How did we decide to start this website?

Decision to make this website came about after we, me and my friends, noticed that we were started being asked more and more by people we knew about all the good places where to party. I guess our reputation proceeded us and the word about our epic nights out spread through the campus.

This will make us look like we are full of ourselves, but after a while it’s became a chore to talk to people about what our favorite places to party are going to be. That’s when we decided to launch this website and started spreading the news amongst our following on various social media networks that they can find us on the website here.

Now people who would like to know what we are up to can simply load up this website and look up for any new posts. We’ll make a post whenever a new fun location, be it a dance club, jazz club, it doesn’t matter what it is that we like. If we discover something that we you’ll be able to find out about it here.

How often will you write?

Well like we already mentioned, we’ll write a new post whenever we discover a new place for people to visit and have fun. We’ll try to make at least 1 post each week, but we can’t make any promises. If it’s a busy week at the campus, with lots of lectures, and especially if we’re in the middle of mid-terms or finals, expect not to hear from us for weeks at a time.


Parties are a great way to let off steam

Life is very hectic and stressful. Always running around from one errand to another. It doesn’t matter if it’s at school, at work or home, there’s always something to gnaw at you and make you all stressed up. It’s the same for everyone. For me and my friends we have a very demanding curriculum in school that makes us pull our hair out. That’s why we party, to let off some steam, to relax and have a great time.

Brass House team is made up mostly of engineering students, at the University of Austin. Seeing how we study engineering, you can see that we didn’t exaggerate when said that our student life is very hectic. Course load for an engineering major can be rather difficult and that is why we end up needing to blow off some serious steam from time to time.

We are always on the lookout for a good party and most of the time we are successful in doing that. Brass House Austin is basically what we call our house where we’re staying at, me and my friends. We are very similar to a fraternity, only we’re not official about it. It’s just a name that we gave to the house that we have rented.

Upcoming must see events:

We hope you enjoy our adventures

We hope that you are going to enjoy our adventures that we document here on Brass House Austin. It doesn’t matter if you want to have fun in a dance club, and dance your worries away, or if you want to chillax in a jazz club, we’ve got it all. If the club exists in Austin, we’ve been there, or we’re about to be there. Send us your club suggestions and why we should visit the club and we might party together with you. First round is on us. See yaaaa!!!!